Watershed Development Programme

A Watershed Development Programme is essentially designed to increase the moisture content in the soil, thereby leading to an increase in productivity. The Watershed Development Programme at Hiware Bazar, as a part of the larger Adarsh Gram Yojana, has been implemented by the Yashwant Watershed Development Trust. The main focus was on the creation of Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) constituting Continuous Contour Trenches and Earthen Bunds (CCT). The construction of CCTs and Bunds has been completed by the villagers themselves through the process shramdana. The fruition of the watershed development programme has aided immensely in agriculture and in providing drinking water. It has also been instrumental in the conservation of both water and soil. Impact : water balance sheet, from scarce to surplus

  • Rise in water level (70-80 ft. to 20-25 ft.)
  • Change in cropping pattern (Jawar & Bajara to Onion, Potato, Horticulture )
  • Increase in cropping intensity
  • Increase in fodder availability(from 1500 mt. to 6000 mt. )
  • Increase in milk production(from 300 lit. to 3000 lit./ day)

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