Drought Prone Area Programme

The Drought Prone Area Program is to be implemented in the villages surrounding Hiware Bazar, taking the latter as a model for the development of EGS and CCTs. These villages are Jakhangaon, Nimgaon Wagha, Nimgaon Ghana, Chass, Kamargaon, Bhorwadi, Akolner, Bhoyre pathar etc. A sum total of 4000 Ha. would be treated for development in order to assure water supply to 1500 Ha. In 8 villages so as to bring the entire area under cultivation, the Yashwant Watershed Development Trust has completed following soil and water conservation treatments.

C.C.T. 57.42 Ha.
Earthen Nala Bund 24 Nos.
Cement Nala Bund 11 Nos.

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